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After a long career as a college professor and department coordinator, serving in many capacities at Curry College in both English and the skills center, recent years have brought me into a full-time avocation as a writer. I have been fortunate to have one of the best collaborators anyone could ever want: Mr. Jan Merlin who had a long career in films as an actor and star before turning to writing. He also won an Emmy for his television writing. Together we have examined Hollywood history, including the production of some remarkable films: MGM MAKES BOYS TOWN, FRANKIE THOMAS: ETERNAL CADET, TROUBLES IN A GOLDEN EYE, and HANGING WITH BILLY BUDD are our key works.

As a solo writer, I have had the chance to write biographies of Audie Murphy, James Kirkwood, and do film criticism with works such as THE NEXT JAMES DEAN and ALFRED HITCHCOCK FRESHLY SHOWERED.

My latest series focuses on the illustrious White family of Winchendon, Massachusetts. In HAUNTING NEAR VIRTUOUS SPRING, you will learn the true story of their haunted mansion. It becomes rediscovered through a lost 19th century poem. To my shock, I purchased the house across the street from where the haunted mansion stood BEFORE I knew the backdrop story. My own home was once owned by the White family--and appears to be haunted by some of them.

My other works include humor books that comment on many sports personalities. Also among my works are a series of novels about a mysterious character.

All my works can be found on Amazon.com in both e-book and softcover formats.