William Russo

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Non-fiction, biography
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Social History
Sports Satire
Follows the Boston Red Sox month-by-month during the 2013 season.
Film History
A look at Frankie Thomas, child star of film and Broadway, he was considered in the 1930s as the male Shirley Temple. His career has been catalogued with special insights from Jan Merlin, Frankie's costar of the early sci-fi series TOM CORBETT: SPACE CADET. Tracing Frankie's early success on Broadway, his theatrical parents, and his gentle style, the book is packed with many personal photos from Jan Merlin who was friends with Frankie for 50 years.
Based on my Curry College course for many years, this book takes the reader into the classic films of Hitchcock by examining his set pieces and how he reworked them into a dozen films. Another section provides some unusual insights into the films of Hitchcock's Golden Age.
Sports Humor
Following Boston Celtics star and mercurial point guard through his meteoric career, this work takes a humorous look at his seasons with the Big Three stars of his team and his emergence to reach a par with potential Hall of Fame teammates. Done tongue-in-cheek, the book traces some of the biggest foibles and follies of Rondo.
Contrasting the two most reviled assassins in American history, this work tackles the notorious and popular Internet idea of similarities. By examining each man's educational experiences, the work shows that the similarities are the result of a typical American education of their era. Each man's childhood is delineated separately with conclusions in a final segment.

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