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A rich and privileged family from Massachusetts loses two of its family members on the Titanic. Using unpublished oral histories and family folklore, this work reveals for the first time the backstory of Percival and Edith, their two sons Percy and Richard, and how their lives were traumatized and devastated by the infamous ship.


Biography of a street where a haunted house dominated the 19th century and where Titanic victims were born!

An unusual journal of the 2013 season for the Red Sox!

Red Sox 2013: Naked Came the Lineup!

In this sports satire, the 2013 Red Sox were followed from spring training to the unexpected and amazing World Series victory. Without benefit of scores, this monthly log tackles the human interest stories--the events that fans will remember forever, including the Marathon Bombing in April.

If the sports emperors are not wearing any clothes, this book points it out.

Frankie Thomas: Eternal Cadet

Based on hours of interviews with Frankie Thomas shortly before his death, and combined with insights of his long-time friend and costar in TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET, Jan Merlin and William Russo provide a definitive portrait of the child star.

Audie Murphy in Vietnam

War hero and movie star Audie Murphy wanted to make a serious film after a series of minor cowboy pictures. His friend Willard Willingham interested him in a picture with Joseph L. Mankiewicz, costarring with Michael Redgrave and based on the best-seller THE QUIET AMERICAN by Graham Greene. This book traces the near catastrophe that came to the first American film company to film in Vietnam in 1957, telling the story of one of the first American casualties of the upcoming war.

Alfred Hitchcock Freshly Showered

Book features amusing insights into many of the Master of Suspense's classic features from the 1950s. Also examines some thematic issues with an accent on humor of Hitchcock.

Rajon Rondo & The Green Nebula

Long-time fan of Rajon Rondo, William Russo provides some hilarious and acerbic takes on the championship years with the Big Three. A sequel to the highly successful, RAJON RONDO: SUPERSTAR!, the latest version is filled with literary allusions and satiric barbs, all new material about the 2012-2013 season

Booth and Oswald

Examining two assassins through their failed education, the book discovers some surprising similarities in the schooling of John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald.